St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, so I thought a FFF with Irish themed cozies would be a great idea.

I reviewed Fatality by Firelight by Lynn Cahoon, and gave it five stars, and I’ve heard good things about her Tourist Trap series, so this one made the list. The first book in the Tourist Trap series is, Guidebook to Murder.
Leslie Meier has been writing the Lucy Stone series since 1991, when the series began with the Mistletoe Murder. I started reading her series three books in, with the Trick or Treat Murder. I was drawn to the cover because of the Halloween theme. I’ve read about 10 books in the series, but it just petered out for me. But I would still recommend this series to people who enjoy cozies!
Not a series I’ve read, but it’s very popular with the patrons at the library. And it’s a cooking cozy, with recipes, so what’s not to like?!?
If you love to scrapbook, this cozy series might be perfect for you. Not one I’ve read yet, but it does take place in the South, so there’s a good chance I would enjoy it.
The last book in an 8 book series. This is another series that gets checked out a lot at the library. Looks like a fun series about an antique picker, turned P.I.

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