Title: IQ84
Author: Mike Dickenson
Publisher: Commonlink Productions
Release Date: March 14, 2017
Pages: 285
Book Source: eBook

“An unknown terrorist has released a biological weapon onto the American public. Anyone with an IQ over 84 is in danger – people’s heads are exploding – the country is on lockdown. Everything is about to change forever.

Luckily, some people are still alive. Like the President of the United States. And Congress. And millions of idiots determined to figure out why their heads aren’t blowing up.

Which brings us to David Dingle. He’s the not-too-bright guy whom this whole story revolves around. A lot of people revolve around David Dingle. Some of them include a Las Vegas cocktail waitress, an ineffective jihadist, a Grand Dragon of the KKK, a creationist and his very extended family, a pill-popping doctor, a drop-dead sexy clepto-nympho-suicidal-maniac, and a rogue Illuminati mastermind to name just a few.

A timely satire that dives into the darkest corners of American Culture, IQ84 examines some of the most controversial issues in America today. It’s a book about freedom.” Amazon

My Review:

For most of my book reviews I don’t summarize the story, and with the mania of this novel, I don’t think I could, unless it was an eight page review. Not that the mania is a bad thing, it’s actually entertaining, but this style of writing may not be for everyone. The craziness of this book reminds me of John Dies at the End by David Wong.

But along with the manic-ness of this novel, there are also some very humorous moments, and political insights that are spot on. I can’t really say there is great character development, just because there are so many of them. The greatness in this book doesn’t rely on getting to know the characters, but with all the interesting perceptions and awareness that Dickenson brings to the reader.

If you enjoy political satire, or the works of David Wong or Douglas Adams, this is one that you’ll want to check out.

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