Title: Deadly Cost of Goods
Author: Margaret Evans
Series: Second Treasures Mysteries #5
Publisher: Moonlight Mystery Press
Release Date: November 6, 2019
Pages: 328
Book Source: ARC

“In Vol. 5 of Margaret Evans’s Second Treasures Mysteries, a box of old books in Laura Keene’s shop contains a clue that draws her to a ghostly, boarded-up library, where a young teenage girl disappeared decades ago. Where others have given up on this cold case, Laura is determined to find the connection between her murdered parents and the missing child.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I know writing and publishing a book takes time so I’m not usually one of those fans who hounds an author trying to find out when the next book will be coming out. But with the Second Treasures Mystery series, I really want to go to Margaret Evans’ house and continually make her pots of coffee to help her to write book six faster. I NEED to know what Laura is going to find out about the people killing off her family members!

Evans continues to show how well she can have a main mystery in the book and still keep you intrigued about various other mysteries that have been continuing from book to book. The main mystery that took place at the old library was a little different though this time. The reader knew what was going on pretty early in Deadly Cost of Goods, but I was still interested to see how it would play out.

And then the extra mystery involving a distant relative of Laura’s was a good additional mystery to have coincide. But that mystery didn’t even completely conclude. Like I said, Evans is a master at having various lines of mystery throughout a single book, as well as throughout the series.

I believe book six is finally going to wrap up all the ongoing mysteries, and I am really, really excited to read the conclusion. Another excellent book in the series. If you haven’t heard of the Second Treasures Mysteries, you’ll want to start with the first book, Twice Sold Murder.

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