Title: Terror in the Shadows
Author: Scare Street Authors
Series: Terror in the Shadows v.3
Publisher: Scare Street
Release Date: April 5, 2019
Pages: 159
Book Source: eBook

“With every minute that passes, a new terror is unleashed….

An unwitting antique shopper releases a vicious evil spirit from its ancient prison. A dark ritual turns a woman obsessed with supernatural powers against the people who love her most. A possessed TV proves that old B-movie monsters can still terrify an unsuspecting audience….

Scare Street’s roster of authors brings you 11 new tales of supernatural horror, in one blood-chilling volume. This macabre collection of short stories is guaranteed to get your pulse racing, and send shivers down your spine.

Each deliciously dark tale will haunt your dreams, and keep you listening long past the witching hour. But wait…what was that noise? Did something move in the shadows?

Just keep telling yourself…it’s only a story.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

Such a wonderful anthology. It reminded me of the stories one would see on The Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt, and I do love me some Cryptkeeper!

It started off awesome with Herr Boggelmann (a rich man buys a table that brings forth his most horrific days), Oak Grove (Dark Magic and summoning Demons, whatever could go wrong?!?), and Midnight Movie (the dead director of B Horror movies is not pleased that he is not getting the kudos he deserves).

The Tree House was a cool idea and Trapped was just that.

Pretty Things shows just how much we know nothing about those closest to us and The 16th of May was a twisted romp with a parasitic/vampiric edge.

Real People had a wonderful premise and it involved a book and bookshop, so yea, loved it. Image of the Beast had fantastic girl power and The Unwilling Ghost took place inside a haunted asylum, because you’ve gotta have a haunted asylum in a horror short story collection. And finally, Nightshift shows once again that people working in fast food do not get paid enough.

This is the first Terror in the Shadows anthology I read, but I see more in my future!

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