Title: Eartheater
Author: Dolores Reyes
Publisher: HarperVia
Release Date: November 17, 2020
Pages: 224
Book Source: Netgalley

“Set in an unnamed slum in contemporary Argentina, Eartheater is the story of a young woman who finds herself drawn to eating the earth—a compulsion that gives her visions of broken and lost lives. With her first taste of dirt, she learns the horrifying truth of her mother’s death. Disturbed by what she witnesses, the woman keeps her visions to herself. But when Eartheater begins an unlikely relationship with a withdrawn police officer, word of her ability begins to spread, and soon desperate members of her community beg for her help, anxious to uncover the truth about their own loved ones.

Surreal and haunting, spare yet complex, Eartheater is a dark, emotionally resonant tale told from a feminist perspective that brilliantly explores the stories of those left behind—the women enduring the pain of uncertainty, whose lives have been shaped by violence and loss.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I was drawn to Eartheater by Dolores Reyes because of the unusual cover and the synopsis. I enjoy interesting supernatural stories, and this reminded me a bit of stories that I have read about Sineaters.

The book started out well, and I enjoyed the quick, some may even say chaotic, style of writing. I felt that it worked well with the 15 year old’s life. She never knew if there would be enough money, if violence would happen to her, or if those she loved would stay, so since her life is so chaotic, it makes sense that her story would be too.

I think the book could have been a lot stronger if Reyes had been able to incorporate more back story into the history of Eartheaters. Her protagonist may not have any knowledge of it, but to put in a character who did or somehow incorporate the information would have made the story a lot more interesting to me.

And once she started spending time with the police office I was happy to see that she had a sense of calm in her life and that he didn’t fear her. But there were a couple of sex scenes that felt like they were just added in to make the story more visceral or raw or something. They just completely felt out of place. Then there’s the end. It just seemed to come out of nowhere and then a character pops up and then it’s over.

I feel like Eartheater has a lot of potential, but needs to be edited a few more times to reach it.

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