Title: The Promise Kept
Author: Maggie Mae Gallagher
Series: Echo Springs #2
Publisher: Blushing Books
Release Date: August 19, 2020
Pages: 339
Book Source: Trade Paperback

“Cybil Roe gave her heart away thirteen years ago only to have it wind up shattered. With painstaking determination, she has rebuilt her life into something to be proud of today. Yet all her future plans are upended when the only man she has ever loved returns to Echo Springs. Nor does it help that he seems bound and determined to draw her back into his life. Cybil vows to stay away from him, no matter what seeing him all the time does to her resolve.

Miles Keaton wiped the dust of his hometown off his shoes years ago, never expecting that life would lead him back to the place where he had begun. Coming home to Echo Springs, to Cybil, to start a new law practice and a new life is a risk he never thought he’d take. She hates him – with good reason. Years ago, he walked away when she needed him the most. But now is he back, and intends to argue the case of his life, one more important than any he has debated in a courtroom, because she is the one woman he cannot live without.

Can Miles convince Cybil to take a second chance on him, or will a secret she has kept all these years destroy any future they might have?” – Amazon

Kim’s Review


The Promise Kept by Maggie Mae Gallagher is book two in the Echo Springs series and it’s also a second chance romance, which happens to be my second favorite romance trope (after friends to lovers). So The Promise Kept has a lot going for it in my eyes.

Before I get into the romance, I want to talk about the relationship between Cybil, her sister, Tessa, and their friend, Abby… it was wonderful. I wish every woman had a group of friends like this. And the geek/nerd in me loved that Tessa is involved with comics and conventions. I’ll be looking forward to Tessa’s love story when it comes out. Miles with his guy friends was a great dynamic too. I felt like Gallagher really shone with these friendships.

And the dates that Cybil went on were great… funny and horrific at the same time. I wish more date scenarios would have been included and some of the repetition of not telling Miles about the promise she made as a teen, over 13 years ago, would have been taken away. Then I feel like the book would have been pretty perfect. The other reason why the promise was too much for me, besides the repetition, was when it did finally come out, people got angry, something happened, and then the book was over. For me, I would rather have had the fall out from the promise last longer, at least there would have been more reason for the repetition with Cybil trying to get back into Miles’ good graces.

And speaking of trying to get in good, all the things that Miles did to try and woo Cybil were wonderful. That’s what I want to read about in a romance book, all the sweet and funny things that happen between a couple.

Even with all the repetition, don’t let that keep you from reading The Promise Kept. There were a lot of great moments in the book along with the touching friendships, and some very steamy scenes!

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