Title: Live and Let Chai
Author: Bree Baker
Series: Seaside Cafe Mysteries #1
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Release Date: July 10, 2018
Pages: 292
Book Source: Paperback

“Life hasn’t been so sweet for Everly Swan over the past couple of years, but now she’s back in her seaside hometown of Charm, North Carolina. The proud new owner of Sun, Sand, and Tea—a café right on the beach—Everly thinks that things are finally starting to look up. Until a grouchy customer turns up dead on the boardwalk with a jar of one of her specialty teas lying right next to him! When an autopsy reports poison in his system, things don’t look good for Everly or her tea shop.

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As the townspeople of Charm, formerly so welcoming and homey, turn their back on Everly, she fights to dig up clues about who could have had it in for the former town councilman. With the maddeningly handsome Detective Grady Hays discouraging her from uncovering leads and a series of anonymous attacks on Everly and her tea shop, it will take everything she’s got to keep this murder mystery from boiling over.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I am so glad I found the Seaside Cafe Cozy Mystery series by Bree Baker! And even better there are five books out in the series right now with the sixth coming out on my birthday! I love when you find a series with a bunch of books in it so you can binge read.

There are two things in Cozies that keep me coming back; great character development or detailed descriptions of the town or hobby that is the theme of the series. Many cozy authors do one really well, but Baker does both fantastically.

All of the characters have so much depth, even the seagull Lou. I love that there is a touch of the paranormal to this series… even if there isn’t meant to be one. Everly and her aunts combined with their professions just feel a bit witchy to me. And throw in the ghost stories and Maggie, the white cat… well, if you keep that in mind while reading Live and Let Chai you may see what I mean.

I’m also studying to be an herbalist and make my own teas so there’s a special place in my heart for Everly and her family’s tea recipes… and the recipes at the end of the book sound delicious and seem easy… I will definitely be making the Summer Strawberry and Peach tea!

And the way that Baker describes this North Carolina town and all the shops is magical. I would love to not only visit, but live in the town… maybe even join Everly in investigating all the murders that will be happening. 😉

Of course, I have to touch on the romantic aspect. A lot of times in cozies they are just kind of background and I often don’t particularly care if they get together… as long as there is no love triangle that keeps going. But her interest in Detective Hays actually has me wanting to root for more. His tragic story, coupled with him having a sweet son just seems to fit perfectly with the series… and perhaps there will be a bit of magic between them.

A fantastic book that I highly recommend and I’m looking forward to the rest of the Seaside Cafe Mystery series!!!


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