Title: Honeybees and Sexy Tees
Author: Katie Mettner
Series: Butterfly Junction #2
Publisher: Breaking Night Press
Release Date: July 20, 2021
Pages: 328
Book Source: ARC

“Honey Blois is no stranger to pain. The lasting effects of an abusive childhood have made her life challenging, but it’s the ache of unrequited love she can no longer bear. When her confession goes unanswered, she has no choice but to fall out of love with her best friend.

Mathias Jørgensen is living a lie. The billionaire playboy buries the pain of loving the one woman he can’t have with flashy cars and bad decisions—until Honey’s letter comes to light. With renewed hope for the future, he vows to find his way back to the boy she fell in love with if it’s the last thing he does.

And it might be.

As the pair blurs the line between friends and lovers, his unscrupulous past demands a reckoning. To save the woman he loves from a watery grave, Mathias will have to remember every last detail of the life he’s desperate to forget.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

While I enjoyed Butterflies and Hazel Eyes, the first book in the Butterfly Junction series by Katie Mettner, I loved book two, Honeybees and Sexy Tees!

There is just something about a friends to lovers romance that always gets me… probably because that was my situation with the man I married 23 years ago. 😉 Add in a woman who may not be the strongest physically, but has the willpower and desire to make the world a better place. And a gorgeous man who is super rich, who really wants to change for the better… and, well, how can the book not be good?!?

Plus there’s the mystery that started in the first book to add some suspense and intrigue to this sweet and sexy romance (although if you didn’t read the first one, you won’t be lost). Oh, and the gorgeous descriptions of Lake Superior and Wisconsin, which will make more than one reader want to visit this glorious state. Yea, this book has it all.


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