Title: When Bonnie Met Clyde
Author: Julie Anne Lindsey
Series: Bonnie & Clyde Mysteries #0.5
Publisher: Cozy Queen Publishing LLC.
Release Date: August 1, 2021
Pages: 25
Book Source: Book Funnel

“This prequel to the Bonnie & Clyde Mysteries introduces us to Bliss, Georgia. And an amateur sleuth named Bonnie and her soon to be kitty companion Clyde, with names like those, what could possibly go wrong?”

Kim’s Review

I so love that Julie Anne Lindsey took a moment to give us the meet cute story between a girl and her cat. When Bonnie Met Clyde takes place a bit before Burden of Poof, the first book in the Bonnie & Clyde Mysteries, which comes out on September 15, 2021.

We are introduced to Bonnie, her flower loving parents, and her best friend in Bliss, Georgia. We learn that her marriage has been over for years now, but Bonnie hasn’t taken the steps to end it. We get a glimpse at the upcycled clothing store, Bless Her Heart, that Bonnie will be running in the series. And best of all, we get to meet Clyde, in all his sass and adorableness. And as cats often do, he’s able to start Bonnie towards healing and to realize that she’s home.

If Burden of Poof is half as good as this short story, then the cozy mystery community is in for a treat!


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