Title: Beating the Wrap
Author: Julie Anne Lindsey
Series: Bonnie and Clyde Mysteries #3
Publisher: Cozy Queen Publishing, LLC.
Release Date: November 15, 2021
Pages: 203
Book Source: ARC

“Thanksgiving is right around the corner in historic Bliss, Georgia, and Bonnie is trimming display tables at Bless Her Heart, especially for the occasion. A Gift of Gratitude display, beside the front door of her second chance dress shop, encourages shoppers to leave messages of good tidings for neighbors and friends. Unfortunately, someone has left a cornucopia of complaints instead.

And they’re all about Bonnie!

When the scrooge turns out to be a neighbor, fed up with Clyde’s habitual petty theft and trespassing, Bonnie’s claws come out in defense of her kitty. The heated exchange leaves a bad taste in Bonnie’s mouth, but the man turns up dead before she can dish out a proper apology.

Determined to see justice served, Bonnie and Clyde dig into the case with gusto, only to land in hot water with the handsome Sheriff Wright. A series of anonymous attacks soon have the town wondering if Bonnie can find the killer before it’s time to cut the turkey. Or if she’ll be the next one on his carving board.” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

There is sooo much to love about Beating the Wrap and the Bonnie and Clyde Mysteries by Julie Anne Lindsey! She knows how to write characters that quickly become your friends and make you want to move to whatever town she’s writing about. The relationship between Bonnie and her grandma, Gigi, is so sweet with a side of sass on both of their parts. And I was instantly smitten with two new characters, Thelma and Louisa… Lindsey had mentioned doing spin-offs with some of the characters, and this is a duo I would love to see more written about.

Besides wanting to be BFFs with all of the main characters, I feel a real kinship with the town of Bliss, Georgia because it reminds me so much of the small town I live in, especially the revitalization that the downtown is going through and all the cute shops and eateries in the downtown area.

Along with the wonderfully developed characters and the fantastic descriptions of the town, Lindsey is able to keep the pace of her books steady with lots of things going on, but not having the main character spend all of her time interrogating people or looking for clues. Sure, there is some of that, but each book includes so many more fun scenes… and Bonnie actually works at her store instead of never being there, like so many other cozies end up doing.

And while most cozy mysteries series have a romantic relationship that has some issues… mainly communication, Lindsey handles the parts with Mason and Bonnie very well. While there is some drama, it fits into the story and Lindsey doesn’t make it linger for long. I have a feeling book four is going to really heat up in the love department.

Super excited for book four, Eyelet Witness, which comes out on December 15, 2021, and if you haven’t read any of the Bonnie and Clyde Mysteries, what are you waiting for?!?


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