Title: Big Trouble in Little Greektown
Author: Kate Collins
Series: Goddess of Greene Street Mysteries #3
Publisher: Kensington Cozies
Release Date: November 30, 2021
Pages: 301
Book Source: Netgalley

“Athena has invited Case Donnelly, recently relocated from Pittsburgh and awaiting his PI license, to accompany her to a Save Our Dunes fundraiser and art festival. And her date proves helpful when the body of a disgraced photographer turns up during a nature walk.

The crime—and the photos taken by the dead man—raise a lot of questions about local politics, environmental battles, and the victim’s womanizing ways. As Athena’s endearing Greek-American family strives to solve a mystery of their own (uncovering the identity of Athena’s anonymous blog), she and Case try to find the tangled roots of this murder and make sure there’s no sanctuary for a killer …” – Amazon

Kim’s Review

I really enjoyed Statue of Limitations, the first book in the Goddess of Greene Street Mysteries by Kate Collins, but book two had me wanting to throw my Kindle at the wall for all the wrong reasons, so I was a bit anxious when I went to read book three, Big Trouble in Little Greektown… but Collins has redeemed the series for me!

Collins has a talent for character development and writing characters that you want to be part of their family, and she continues to do a wonderful job with this in Big Trouble in Little Greektown. Her family is trying to figure out who Goddess Anon is, Delphi decides what she wants to do with her matters of the heart, and Athena makes great strides in a personal relationship.

What had me so annoyed with book two was the mystery and Athena holding back information. In book three she works much better with others and actually uses her head a bit when it comes to what might put her in danger… and we still get an intense scene (more like you would find in a suspense than a cozy mystery) with the killer at the end. There was a side story with Athena’s son that ties into the main story which may make it easier for readers to figure out what is going on early in the book, but I didn’t feel that it took away from the final reveal.

And I am super excited about the very, very end that has Athena’s world colliding with another character from a fantastic series. I am really looking forward to book four in the Goddess of Greene Street Mysteries to see where Collins takes this new development!


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